Getting There Together 




Getting There Together 




About Our Coalition

The Portland metropolitan region is an incredible place to live. But we also know that our region is a place of tremendous disparities in wealth, health, education, jobs, and access to services.

When we talk about building livable communities, we must mean “livable” for all — inclusive of all ages, abilities, races, incomes, and backgrounds. We envision a region in which everyone can live, work, play, pray, and thrive. It’s a region of communities where all of our neighbors have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our success, and where we’re united in tackling our challenges — together.

To do that, we must build our region’s transportation system on a foundation of social equity. As a region, we need to reduce congestion on our highways and roads by:

  • Making our streets safe and accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds​;
  • Investing in new bus & MAX lines to help people get where they need to go;
  • Ensuring that transportation investments are transparent and accountable to the community;
  • Preventing mass displacement and restoring housing affordability; and
  • Guaranteeing funding for programs and operations that increases access to transportation options.

Do these guiding principles align with your vision for our region? 


The Getting There Together Coalition was formed in 2017 in response to growing concerns that the Portland metropolitan region wasn’t adequately planning to build the comprehensive infrastructure and transportation system that will alleviate growing freeway congestion, empower working Oregonians to get to jobs, and ensure all the region’s residents prosper from an equitable, sustainable, and climate-smart investment in our future.


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@enobacon Got it. FWIW metro is not us and we are not metro, but we continue to share the importance of language choices wherever we advocate. Thanks for the flag!

@enobacon Hey, not following your train of thought here. What are you referring to?

We advocated for the inclusion of safe, accessible, clean & affordable transportation for people of all ages/abilities + in communities that have long asked for these investments. Through community voices we have improved Metro's transportation package overall. #getmoving2020

Metro Council this week: Today 2pm- racial equity in #GetMoving2020. Thurs 2pm- public hearing and Council vote on sending measure to voters. Zoom links at

New on the blog:

This week I'll testify in support of @oregonmetro placing the Get Moving measure on the ballot.

Read more about my thoughts of the measure, how @ThereTogether helped improve the package, and how I'll stick up for climate #getmoving2020

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